Accessoire party

Accessoires, what girl doesn’t love them? Bags, earrings, sunglasses, watches, (statement) necklaces and rings. They all give every outfit a finishing touch and my guess is that every girl propably wears at least one accessoire. There are so many great combinations possible with accessoires, I’ll show you some of my favorites!


These earrings really make a statement and show some great attitude, really love them! I found similair ones on Lionette.



Beanies, one of my all time favorites! My saviour in times of cold weather and next to that, they look fashionable too! I love the white/beige one, I have a similair one that I bought at Monki, but I couldn’t find it, so I’ve hunted one down at


Wearing rings is always a good idea, they give your look that something extra! Especially the combination of regular rings, with midi and pinky ones, as you can see on the picture. The rings on the second picture are from Topshop. (Too bad there is no Topshop in the Netherlands)


5875001050_1_1_1Round glasses, it’s beginning to become a real hype! I’ve already seen a lot of bloggers wearing them and I begin to love them more and more, so maybe it’s time to get one pair of my one. These glasses with a metal spectacle frame are from Zara.



I’m really happy that leopard is making a comeback! I love leopard, but it has to be subtle in a way that it’s not dominating your outfit. Too much leopard can look a little ‘trashy’ if you know what I mean. I love this leopard clutch in combination with the soft colours, it’s really elegant! I found this one on Asos from Jas M.B. 



Last but not least, transparent clutches, you have to love them! I wouldn’t use this clutch as a every day asseccoire, but I think it’s really cool for a special occasion, like a party or a dinner. Also, I always have a lot of stuff with me, so I think it wouldn’t fit in such a small bag, but I like the idea! The clutch on the second picture is from Zara.

These accessoires are all so awesome one by one and I would totally rock them. However, there are some every day accessoires that I can’t miss, like a tote bag for all my stuff, my Michael Kors watch and golden plated heart shaped necklace I got from my grandmother.

What are yours? 🙂


Paying for Marc Jacobs with Instagram posts and tweets #MJDaisyChain

Louis Vuitton: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012

Marc Jacobs, we all know this fabolous designer. Marc Jacobs opened a new store in (my favorite city) New York, it’s called the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, and it’s selling its wares for the amount of zero dollars! Pinch me please! The shop accepts a so called social currency, which means that you have to send a tweet, Instagram or Facebook post tagged #MJDaisyChain, in exchange for Marc Jacobs goods. It’s a new form of marketing and advertisement. Every #MJdaisyChain contributes to the marketing of Marc Jacobs and has a certain value. The pop up store will be open from 7 Februari to 9 February 2014. So, don’t hesitate and stop by if you’re around in New York, shop your favorite Marc Jacob item for free, get your nails done in the nail art area, take some pictures in the photobooth and enjoy some drinks, food and free WiFi. It’s going to be amazing, too bad I can’t be there! 


Marc Jacobs goes above and beyond and is really making New York Fashion week more exciting. I think this campaign is going to be a blast and that Marc Jacobs is going to be thé talk of New York Fashion Week with this launch of this unique concept!

What are you waiting for? Tag #MJDaisychain


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Chocolate, not only eatable, but also applicable


Chocolate, we all know it and we all love it! Chocolate comes in many different forms and sizes, even in the form of a frog. At ‘The Chocolate Line’ in Antwerp you can observe all kinds of sculptures in the form of chocolate. I ‘kissed’ the frog there, but I really wished that I could take a bite of that frog! Not only does this heavenly product function as our food, but chocolate is a also an inspiration for great fashion designers, beauty collections and care products. Instead of eating it, it’s also possible to apply it! I found products that are inspired by chocolate, so you can fulfill your chocolate needs in other ways than eating it (although nothing compares to enjoying a good piece of chocolate, brownie or a bag of M&M’s). 


1. Lush cupcake mask
2. The Body Shop chocomania body butter
3. Philosophy Milk Chocolate Shampoo, Showergel & Bubble bath
4. Mac après chic lipstick in ‘Hot chocolate’
5. Bobbi Brown rich chocolate eyeshadow palette
6. Bobbi Brown mascara in black chocolate