Valentine fine


Valentine’s day, it’s origin dates back to 270 AD, where a young roman priest called Valentinus –  also known as Saint Valentine –  broke the law of Claudius the emperor and followed the law of love. In his time, it was illicit to marry soldiers, because Claudius didn’t want the soldiers to be distracted by their home front. But Valentine broke his law and married soldiers in secret. Unfortunately, the secret didn’t last long. Claudius gave the order to torture Valentine and eventually Valentine was decapitated on the 14th of February.


Nowadays, people give their loved ones special attention on this day. Although I love to spend this day with my loved ones, there are 364 other days were you can show your loved ones that you love them, it’s more spontaneous and I think the suprise element makes it more fun. Still, I love the gesture and it’s a great occasion to give someone some extra attention. That’s why I’ve hunted some Valentine items down!

ImageThis classy dress from Zara is perfect for a Valentine’s date. With some high heels, a clutch and statement jewelry you’ll be totally ready to rock the night!

Valentine’s day is not only for love couples, but also a great moment to show your love to your friends, family and even to your pets. Everybody drinks tea of coffee, so I think your friends and family will be very happy with a nice and/or funny mug! Every time they enjoy their daily cup of tea or coffee they will think of you. Here’s some mugspiration (personal customized mugs are even more awesome):



And I found the sweetest thing to show some Valentine love to your pet. This hand knitted red hearted scarf from Etsy is so cute, cheerful and will keep your cat or dog warm these cold winter days.


Whether you’re going to celebrate it or not, it’s never a bad time to make cupcakes. These red velvet cupcakes are delicious and look ‘Valentinish’. A great excuse to pamper yourself or your loved ones while watching a good movie. Tip: please don’t watch Blue Valentine, although Valentine is in the movie name, it’s a very depressing, non valentine movie (and yes, even when Ryan Gosling is the main character), so watch a feelgood movie like ‘Ride Along’, ‘Valentine’s day’ or ‘Due Date’ instead.

Image Click here for the recipe

I hope you all have a great Valentine and that you’ll not only receive love on the 14th of February but also the rest of the year! Lots of love from me!



New York Fashion Week

Although it’s freezing, snowing and ice cold in the Big Apple, nothing stands fashionistas from all over the world in the way to attend this year’s New York Fashion Week. Designers get the opportunity to present their Fall 2014 collection, so people from all over the world can get inspired by them! Not only the designers are inspiring, but also the people who visit NYFW look amazing. Here are some NYFW looks:




ImageOne of the designers who presents her Fall 2014 collection is Rebecca Minkoff. She moved to New York at 18 to pursue her dream and become a fashion designer. She has become synomyous with her cool and casual chic items. What makes her shows special and unique at the NYFW is that she always has a music element in them, she integrated music into her show and this year was no different! Aluna George sang live during her fashion show. The music shows ‘attitude’, it’s all about songs you can walk down a runway to or down the street at night, on your way to a party.


 Aluna George at the Rebecca Minkoff show NYFW 2014

Next to Rebecca Minkoff, other designers will also exert theirselves to the outmost to present their Fall 2014 collection. You can think of: Manolo Blanik, Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and All Saints. Who is your favorite designer?

I want to end this post with a special story, what has nothing to do with NYFW, but with something I experienced this afternoon. Today I saw a sweet cat wandering in front of my door. He was so sweet and really liked to be cuddled. There was nothing wrong until I saw his paws were shaking and he also had no collar. I found the whole situation alarming, so I decided to put a post on Facebook group, where people from around the city usually offer free goods. There’s a big number of people member of this group, so I thought it would reach a lot of people and luckily it worked!! The owners of the cat recognized their cat ‘Tonie’, who was lost for 7 days and they were on their way to pick him up. In the meanwhile I fed him some tuna and he kept nuzzling up against me, so cute! The owners were very happy to have their cat back and really had missed him!!


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Miu Miu fashion video


There’s a first time for everything. I wanted to do something different today, so I decided to make my first fashion video. To be honest, I didn’t feel well these couple of days, I’ve been a little ‘fluish’, so I made videos and wrote my blog on a saturday night, with a big cup of tea, PJ’s and a cosy blanket. I was inspired by Miu Miu, an Italian high fashion brand headed by Miuccia Prada. I think Miuccia Prada really loves cats, because cats appear frequently in the collections, and I happen to love cats too! The people in my close circle know that I adore cats, if I have a bigger place, I will absolutely have my own kitty!


Ashley Madaweke, actress in of my favorite series ‘Revenge’ and blogger on Ringmybell, rocking these beautiful black Miu Miu heels.

The most beautiful Miu Miu items in my opinion are the sunglasses, I love the cat-eye frames they have and the sophistication they show, that’s why I put two bloggers (Chiaria Ferragni and Negin Mirsalehi) in the video wearing Miu Miu glasses. The rest of the video is inpsired by the spring and summer collection 2014. So here it comes, the very first video I’ve ever made:

In the video
Spring/summer collection Miu Miu
Blogger Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad
Blogger Jules Sarinana,Sincerelyjules
Blogger Negin Mirsalehi

Is Sarah Jessica Parker going to be the new Anna Wintour?

Sarah Jessica Parker, also known as ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ from the succesful serie Sex And the City. Next to her great acting skills, she’s also very active in the fashion industry. This week she launched her own shoe line and gave us a sneak-peak of her great SJP collection! Parker is also very close to the most powerful woman in the fashion industry: the American VOGUE’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

ImageAnna Wintour has a lot of power. And that’s very handy when it comes to someone she doesn’t like. For example the famous Kim Kardashian. Wintour has never put Kardashian on a VOGUE cover and how badly Kim (and Kanye) want(s) that to happen, Anna thinks she’s just not VOGUE-worthy. She even cutted Kim out from a picture at the MET ball. But that’s not the case with Sarah Jessica Parker, she has made it into Wintour’s fashionable inner circle. They enjoy private lunches together, Sarah has been consulted on a stunning array of VOGUES’s big moves over the last several months and Anna Wintour hosted a great fundraiser in SJP’s house for the very own president Obama! Is Sarah Jessica Parker going the be the new Obama of fashion? I hope so! I’m really fond of her, I find her absolutely VOGUE-worthy and think that she has the potential to become the new head of VOGUE.

ImageSJP actually called one of her shoes ‘The Carrie

Pay attention to the black Manolo Blahnik shoes when you watch this video, SJP has exactly the same ones in her new shoe line!! She called them ‘The Diana‘.


Check this link out for the best Carrie Bradshaw quotes!

It’s not sure if Sarah Jessica Parker is going to be Anna Wintour’s replacement, but I really think she deserves it and that she has the whole package to become the new ‘Obama’ of fashion. What do you think?

Paying for Marc Jacobs with Instagram posts and tweets #MJDaisyChain

Louis Vuitton: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2012

Marc Jacobs, we all know this fabolous designer. Marc Jacobs opened a new store in (my favorite city) New York, it’s called the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, and it’s selling its wares for the amount of zero dollars! Pinch me please! The shop accepts a so called social currency, which means that you have to send a tweet, Instagram or Facebook post tagged #MJDaisyChain, in exchange for Marc Jacobs goods. It’s a new form of marketing and advertisement. Every #MJdaisyChain contributes to the marketing of Marc Jacobs and has a certain value. The pop up store will be open from 7 Februari to 9 February 2014. So, don’t hesitate and stop by if you’re around in New York, shop your favorite Marc Jacob item for free, get your nails done in the nail art area, take some pictures in the photobooth and enjoy some drinks, food and free WiFi. It’s going to be amazing, too bad I can’t be there! 


Marc Jacobs goes above and beyond and is really making New York Fashion week more exciting. I think this campaign is going to be a blast and that Marc Jacobs is going to be thé talk of New York Fashion Week with this launch of this unique concept!

What are you waiting for? Tag #MJDaisychain


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Beauty treasures


We all have some beauty products that are indispensable. I think every woman recognizes this: you keep buying and buying stuff and nothing is suitable enough for you. We’ve all experienced some beauty struggles: a chunky mascara, a foundation that makes you too pale, a day cream that makes your skin greasy. You keep trying until you discover that one product that’s perfect for you. And when it’s used up, you keep buying the same product. I will show you my five greatest beauty ‘treasures’, the essentials of my beauty collection.

Dr. Jackson’s coconut melt
It’s not only my secret beauty weapon, but also Miranda Kerr’s. I love Dr. Jackson’s Coconut Melt. It’s 100% organic and pure. I don’t only use it as a lip conditioner, but also as a hair conditioner when my hair feels dry or frizzy  – especially after a rainy day -, or for my cuticles. A natural, but also very multifunctional product!


As you can see, it’s not fluid. If you put some in your handpalm, the substance melts as a result of your body temperature. That’s why it’s called coconut melt.


Rosebud Salve ‘Minted rose’
My favorite saviour in times of need. My lips are very dry and chapped in the winter and Rosebud salve really saves my lips! I also use it on my elbows when they’re dry. The scent of this lip balm is also fantastic!


The Naked2 palette from Urban Decay
The most beautiful eyeshadow palette ever. I was very sad when I heard that Sephora was closing all the Dutch Sephora branches. I bought the Naked2 palette the week before Sephora closed and it was the best buy ever. I even made one of my friends so enthusiastic, that she asked me to buy a Naked2 palette for her before I went to Paris!


You can create so many variant looks with this palette: from everyday make up, to a spectacular party look. So, if you have the Naked2 pallete, or if you’re considering to buy it, here is a link to a very inspiring tutorial on creating a ‘Chic Smokey Eye’ from the Portuguese beauty blogger Camila Coelho

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters in the colours ‘Pink Truffle’ and ‘Raspberry Pie’
I’ll never stop buying Revlon Colourburst lipsticks. The colours are so beautiful and the lipsticks have a great scent. It’s a lipstick and lip butter in one, so it also hydrates your lips. A real win-win situation! Raspberry Pie is a beautiful medium-dark raspberry pink with a (natural) glossy shine. It’s a very outstanding colour, therefore I keep my eyes natural when I’m using this lipstick. Pink truffle on the other hand is a warm, soft pink colour and also has a natural glossy finish, I wear this one very often!



Swatches from left to right: ‘Pink truffle’ and ‘Rapsberry Pie’

As you can see, I’ve already found the perfect lip products and the best eyeshadow palette, but there are also a lot of undiscovered treasures. I’m still searching for the perfect concealer, eyeliner and foundation, so suggestions are always welcome. Hope you enjoyed my beauty favorites!:)
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Pretty in pastel

Pastel colours, I’ve always loved them. That’s why I’m very glad that it’s a trend this spring! Pastel colours appeared a lot at the runways: Céline, Christian Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Vera Wang. The most beautiful looks were shown at the catwalks. Next to pastel, you also will see a lot of flowers back in the spring collections, I love it!

Here are some inspiring runway looks from the spring collections of Fendi and Christian Dior.

ImageI’m really planning to wear more pastel this spring. I only have 1 (!) pastel item in my closet (see the picture down here, taken a few years ago). It ‘s a light blue ‘pastelish’ top from Zara.

ImageAlthough I still love this top, I really want to rock more pastel! I love the combination of soft pastel colours with black accessoires. That’s why I’ve hunted down some awesome spring items.


River Island top: cream daisy lace shell. €33,-
River Island shorts: coral floral hight waisted shorts, €37,-
Saint Laurent heels
Zara tote bag, €119,-
LionetteNY earrings
Le specs sunglasses ‘Rapture’, €48,-

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