Edinburgh photo diary


Hello there! I’m blogging from the beautiful historic city Edinburgh. As I already told, I’m going to be a delegate at the Model United Nations (MUN) which is held at the University of Edinburgh. Tomorrow is the official start of MUN, that’s why we had enough free time today to enjoy the city, eat at traditional scottisch places and for some sight seeing. Here’s the photo diary of my amazing first day in Edinburgh:

View from the plane, it looks so unreal!

The MUN girls at Calton Hill, where you have an amazing view! We’re actually with a really small group of 7, but they’re all so nice and it’s a lot of fun hanging around with the group!

A traditional tea party, which was very delicious as you can see – especially the caramel shortbread.

And I made some time for make-up shopping, I purchased some very nice products from MUA and Sleek: a highlighter, blush, mascara, two lipsticks and an eyeshadow stick.

Me and the girls standing at ‘Edinburgh’s disgrace’. It’s called a disgrace, because it was supposed to be the national monument, but they didn’t finish building it. I don’t think it’s a disgrace, it’s breathtaking!

Enjoying delicious chicken nachos at the University’s Library Bar. A very nice and cosy place to hang out and grab a bite or drink.

The first day in Edinburgh was a great success. Tomorrow is big and busy day, MUN begins officially and after that we’re going to eat and spend the rest of the night at the Balmoral hotel. (just google it, you’ll be flabbergasted)

Already fan of Edinburgh :)?